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Kick-off events or Company days – are traditionally larger events that aim to bring together the whole organisation or  national departments over the course of one to three days, usually at an off-site location.

The aim should be to focus on the strategy, mission and vision of your company, as well as introducing new goals for the upcoming year, and finally including an element of training to further grow the skills of your workforce.

So, if you are searching for new inspiration and an effective approach to how you develop and engage your employees, that builds a foundation for positive communication, psychological safety, creativity and collaboration, we are here to help.

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Our expertise will help you achieve your goals.
We tailor and adapt our training to meet your criteria and align it to follow your mission, and offer professional consultation following the tendencies of the modern workplace.

We have facilitated kick-off events and team trainings for between 30 to 650 employees.

Consistently our training has received the best feedback ever in survey results from our many clients.
Take a look at some of those cases below.

As a unique addition, we offer live comedy entertainment after the training to wrap up the whole event in a joyful and hilarious atmosphere, showcasing the power of IMPROV through our unique approach to collaboration, communication and creativity.

Through our unique methodology combining improv training, business frameworks, behavioural psychology, and other research-backed techniques, we help companies reach their goals by developing their people into high-performing teams.

We guarantee you will experience a extremely effective and fun experience that brings results!

It might sound scary, however as one of Europe’s leading providers of IMPROV training to businesses we promise the best Kick-off event you have ever had.

In the team building sessions your employees will learn


Use improvisational thinking and techniques in the workplace


Accept ideas and build on top of others (Yes, And)


Communicate fluently and with confidence


Take creative risks without fear


Putting the team before the individual


The benefits of co-creation


How to build psychological safety in teams


How to have fun united, not on others conditions

I was impressed by how structured and organized you were, you managed to bring back the energy to our employees, and that was just what we wanted. So I had the best day of my life.

Aleksander Krujatz

GM, Sandoz A/S

We had an amazing workshop. Everyone agreed that it was both entertaining and educating. I'm sure everyone can benefit from these insights of the future of employee development -   5 stars from TDC Erhverv!

Karina Sverker

Key Account Manager, TDC Erhverv

Their outstanding improvisation skills brought us at the higher level of the mutual understanding as the team and recognition of the importance of the support, solidarity and share of values. 

Dr. Ogtay Gozalov

Division of Communicable Diseases and Health Security, WHO

After the teambuilding session, we left feeling energized, encouraged and excited to apply the takeaways we gathered as a direct result of the dialogue with IMPROV Communication”

Peter John

CHRO, Petronas

Our training is rooted in the five principles of improvisation

Treat eachother with a "Yes, and" mentality

Building on each others ideas, create a foundation for creativity and collaboration, aswell as a safe and supportive environment in where colleagues have the courage to contribute towards the same goals.

No judgement of yourself

Building confidence in your individual team members enables them to put their attention towards the team's common interests. We can help you get rid of self judgement.

No judgement of others

Giving employees an understanding of how to utilize our differences, instead of making them obstacles. creating a safe space where diversity and inclusivity flourishes are key to success.

Do not be afraid of failure

Creating a willingness to take risks and celebrate failure like successes, will increase the engagement and ownership of your colleagues in any team.

Make everyone else look good

Putting the team before the individual is the cornerstone in any successful and committed team. Our training will make you understand the values in doing just so, and how much more you will be able to achieve.

Bring your team together after the Corona Lockdown. Our training, of course, follows the current government regulations for safety.

We facilitate training in DANISH and ENGLISH

Bring back the  trust and support, foster collaboration and cherish your new success

Let's talk and see how we can help you!

IMPROV Communication offers unique improvisation-based training to drive positive innovation and behavioral changes in teams. We are the #1 improv  company in Denmark and one of the top five in Europe - having worked with over 100+ businesses, including Fortune 500 companies.

We believe the positive effects improv training has on teams psychologically such as team spirit, collaboration, creativity and co-creation is immeasurable - making it the most effective way to grow a strong, supportive team and environment.



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