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Case Study

IMPLEMENT Consulting is one a European-based consultancies engaged in creating sustainable change and transformation with over 900 employees in 9 countries.

Compay Name: IMPLEMENT Consulting
Training Focus: Leadership Training
 3-Day Staff Retreat
Date: August 2019
Venue: Campground @ Samsø Island

IMPLEMENT contacted us with a request to develop a custom training designed towards their concept: “Leading and Being Led”. Known for being at the forefront of business practice, they were aware of the benefits of improv training, and chose us to design a training for their 650 Consultants.




Every year IMPLEMENT hosts a notorious 3-day retreat at an offsite location assembling all staff for training and development. This time their new concept of “Leading and being Led” was the main topic.

The full-day training should encapsulate their vision of a new approach to leadership, introduce the team to improv philosophies and techniques, and show the consultants how to create a safe space where ideation and creativity can thrive.

Goals of the Training

  Introduce & Explore The Vision Of Leadership

  Give Consultants New Tools to Use With Top Global Companies

  Inspire Participants to Engage with Their Own Clients through Improv

Total Participants

IC Facilitators

Training Hours



We developed a 2 x 3-hour training session based on IMPLEMENT’s desired learning goals, and using IMPROV Communication’s 5 Principles of Improv. Starting with these 5 Principles helps us create a psychologically safe place for the participants, where they understand their role and are encouraged and excited to participate.

The exercises we developed, based on the KOLB Experiential Learning Cycle, guided participants through the experiences of both leader and follower, something that is second to nature for people with improvisational training.

A New Vision Of Leadership

Teaching somebody else’s vision is always an exciting challenge. Through a series of collaborative meetings with the management team of IMPLEMENT, we were able to gain an understanding of their ideas of leadership, and their goals for the training session.

With a thorough understanding of their vision, our lead trainers created custom exercises designed to effectively introduce the concepts discussed, and provide the participants with concrete tools they could use in their own in their own consulting work.

That’s A Lot Of People!

Developing a training for 650 participants is no small task. With such a large training, IMPROV Communication accessed their global network of world class facilitators, flying in 6 additional trainers from Europe and Canada, for a total of 16 professional facilitators.

In order to onboard our guest facilitators, our lead trainers provided a full-day training session where we went through the learning outcomes, training approach, and custom exercises that we had developed for our Client’s event.


A Day of Learning and Growth 

Our trainers guided the participants through a series of exercises that had them choose between two roles: leader or follower. We then debriefed with the teams, facilitating discussions about what it takes to be a good leader, what it means to be a good follower, and the value of both roles.

Following the event, our trainers surprised the participants with a hilarious improv comedy show. This allowed us to show how to slip between leading and following in a transformative and agile environment. We received standing ovations from the crowd. 



Positive Feedback

Rating Out of 5

Standing Ovation


The training day was an overall success and the feedback from IMPLEMENT was amazing. The client’s new vision of leadership was clearly defined through the exercises, which were received enthusiastically by the participants, who eagerly participated in the debriefing, leading to valuable discussions about Leadership. 

As promised, the training provided the consultants and specialists with new tools to motivate, engage and inspire their own clients when working with top global companies. This is another proof that improv training has a broad appeal and a wide impact on every part of an organization.


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